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Paul Chambers
01-16-1999, 08:15 AM
I have an intermittant starting problem on my 535i `90 E34. I use it daily and 99% of the time it starts no problem but every now and then i turn the key and there is nothing not even a clicking. <br> The battery is strong and everything else in the car works, its as if the starter is stuck. But if i walk away and leave the car for 40 minutes on return the car starts no problem.<br> The first time it played up i turned the key and heard a whirring sound coming from the starter and the solenoid got hot. This continued even when i removed the ignition key!!<p> To stop this i disconnected the battery and tapped the solenoid. Ever since then i have had this intermittant non starting problem. Please help!<p>Thanks Paul. C.

01-16-1999, 04:29 PM
This really sounds like a starter on its last leg. When it's inop again try jumping pins #11 & 14 in the large diagnostic conn. with an wire to see if if works any better. This will by-pass the ign. switch so please!please! make sure the car is out of gear and that no one is in front of the car when you try this. The dign. pins are numbered right next to each pin. Pin#11 goes to the starter solenoid and pin#14 is battery hot so DON'T put the jumper wire into the wrong pins since technically you could fry something.

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