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01-18-1999, 02:05 AM
<i>I had a '89 535i, into which I put the aftermarket BMW glass sunroof. Unfortunately the median barrier won in a collison, so now I have a '95 540i. When I popped the glass sunroof out of the '89 and into the '95, lo and behold BMW narrowed the rail spacing and made the 6 bolts holding the sunroof panel somewhat staggered. My idea is to go to a machine shop and have two similar brackets made with flanges in a row and glue them over the top of the old brackets (cutting off old flanges) and stagger spacing using washers. I tried, with no luck, to remove the old brackets in order to move them in. (that glue is tough stuff, and I don't want to crack my glass!) Any ideas? (if you can follow my convoluted explanation)<br></i>

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