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Tim Clarke
01-21-1999, 11:29 AM
My 1990 european model suffered really badly from the shakes under braking and at about 55 mph.<p>I replce the thrust arms and put in Dinan uprated bushes in the thust arm. I also replaced the idler arm with a Dinan uprated version (as I run 235 front and 255 on 17" M5 rims).<p>I also put the Dinan stage 1 uprated brake kit on the front.<p>My car is now stable at 55 -60 mph, brakes smoothly and no longer follows ruts and bad road surfaces (very common in the UK , and the freeways/motorways have tracks worn in them by trucks).<p>I recommend that if anyone has a 90,000 upward E34 with front end shudder/shake, check those thrust arms (joints at one end and bushes at the other).<br>

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