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john martin
01-21-1999, 05:00 PM
Can anyone give me advice on a 525it. WHat to look<br>for that may be unique to the wagon? I already<br>have a 93/94 525i/530i. Is there any problem with<br>the dual sunroof or anything else? What are<br>the differences in the 93/94vs95. Anything major?<br>THanks<p>JOhn

01-23-1999, 12:06 AM
When I was first trained on the Tourings/wagons I felt like everyone else that the "Double sunroof" was going to be a big headache when they started to age a little. How wrong we all were on this one. It has proven year after year to be trouble free. I have never had to do a single repair to any of the tourings in the Chicago Area expt for 1 single car that got the sound insulation panel on the steel front roof loose. This took all of 15-20 minutes to fix. I don't claim to see every Touring that rolls along in Chicagoland but I would have heard of any persistant problems by now. About the only real quirk the "doubles" have is that the rest pads tend to leave a small black spot on the roof from the rubber[I think] they're made of. The tailgate is your true problem however.. The wiring flexes going through it at the top[like all wagons that have elec. harness to carry power to rear wiper systems] and the tiny microswitches that operate the rear window and opening/locking systems do fail more often than the simpler sedans. All of this is easily handled if you know the cars. One last touring point; the earlier 525its were prone to breaking rear window channel seals. When the 530its came out BMW revised a seal for both cars but you have to replace any older parts on the 525i's that may have failed since the 530i's had the new part from the start. I've always wanted one of these neat cars ;I hope you enjoy which ever model you get but remember either car has very fragile rear cargo parts that look great but don't hold up to rough or even normal handling without shedding the interior color that was sprayed over the base plastic. Also that wonderful rear privacy shade to hide any valuables left behind tend to get lazy about rolling back up after awhile. Oh well I still want the damn things after all I know about them so they can't be all that bad.....

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