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Mike Wright
01-21-1999, 09:13 PM
******><br><HEAD><br>****** HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=windows-1252"><br><TITLE>02 Parts For Sale</TITLE><br></HEAD><br>****** LINK="#0000ff" VLINK="#800080"><p><P>Here is the list of parts I still have left to sell. They all came off of a 1972 2002 and are located in Pleasanton, California.</P><p><UL><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>Complete chassis, all panels are straight, there is a bit of rust under the doors. </FONT>$500 </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>320 Over Drive 5-Speed, clutch, slave and shortened drive shaft. </FONT>$500 </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>Tan door panels, good shape but 5-inch speaker holes. </FONT>$50 </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>Rear tan panels, good shape. </FONT>$50 </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>Front passenger seat, tan, looks new. </FONT>$50 </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>Rear seats, tan, also look new. </FONT>$75 </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>Window glass, minus front windshield </FONT>$Write for price </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>02-engine w/ E12 head, has not ran in 4 years. No intake or exhaust. </FONT>$Make offer </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>Rear subframe with Turbo brakes. (larger than tiiís) </FONT>$200 </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>Front struts with Turbo brakes (also larger than tiiís) </FONT>$200 </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>Tii master cylindar </FONT>$30 </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>Tii brake booster </FONT>$70 </LI><br><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><LI>Dashboard, one crack in the usual place. </FONT>$35 </LI></UL><p><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><br></FONT><LI>Lots of other misc. stuff, drop a line for specifics.</LI><br><LI>Thanks,</LI><br><LI>Mike Wright</LI><br><LI><A HREF=""></A></LI><br></BODY><br>*******><br>

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