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Ryan A. Branstetter
03-16-2000, 12:45 PM
HELP!<br> <br>Looking for Racing Dynamics RGP 17x8.5 OR 17x9.5 to make my<br>car roadworthy!!!!<br>Would prefer the 9.5 for a staggered setup in back, but I have an extra <br>8.5 I could use to make it 8.5s all the way around.<br> <br>Once again Racing Dynamics RGP 17x8.5 OR 17x9.5<br> <br>I WILL PAY A HEFTY FINDERS FEE!!!!!!<br> <br> <br> <br>==================================== <br>Ryan A. Branstetter <p>Web Services Manager <br>MidAmerican Holding Company<br> <p> <br> <br>(816) 242-6292 Desk <br>(816) 483-5842 Fax <br>====================================

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