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04-14-2000, 02:26 PM
Hi all. I'm about to purchase a 91 M5. Being a current owner of an e28 535, I know that fixing BMW's can be expensive. Is the rumor of multiply by 5 really true. The one I'm looking at has about 65k on it, new battery, suspension recently checked, new brakes, very good shape, inspection I (or II, whichever is due) will be done by the dealer prior to purchase. Thanks for all the help.<p>

Andy Simonson
04-19-2000, 10:15 PM
Multiply by 5 not true....mostly,<br>I own a 91 M5 (Purchased used 50K on motor about 1 year ago)and have not found it to be overly expensive. Brake rotors go for about $50.00 each and pads cost about $40.00 for a set of lifetime<br>performance friction ones at Autozone. I replaced the O2 sensor for $120.00 and the cap and rotor cost about $70.00. What is extremely expensive is if you break the motor as in blow it up or drop a valve by overreving it.You have to work at it to do it though. I think it takes something like 8,000 rpm to damage the motor in this way. Also severely overheating the motor and warping the head is very expensive. Basically, if you kill the motor, plan on spending 10-15k to fix it.<br>By the way, transmission rebuilding is no more expensive than any other transmission. A friend of mine had one completely rebuilt for about 1,200<br>bucks.<br>If you have any questions feel free to E-mail me<br>Andy

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