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12-28-1998, 12:14 AM
I will help my friend to replace the amp and the speakers. Does any one know where is the stock amp located? How do you<br>take off the interior panel, especially the doors?<br>The car does not fold down rear seat (it's a 4 doors sedan)and there is a metal plate seperating the interior and the trunk. Any<br>one have any sugestion on the best sub setup without cutting any metal? <br>Thanks for the help,<br>Petruk

12-28-1998, 09:11 PM
The stock amp is located in the trunk on the left side near the corner. It is behind the trunk partition. To get to, you remove the taillight inside cover and pull the partition back to reveal the amp.Whats the best sub set-up? Ask 10 people, you will likely get 10 answers.

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