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300Z owner
09-28-1999, 11:14 PM
Hello fellow better than american car owners from Germany, a few questions from a high performance high tuning automobile lover like myself. I currently have a late model 300Z and after seeing pics of the new M3 and hearing about its possible high power output it seems i want one bad. A few questions, is this gonna be a 6 cyl or a V8? Any word on its specs as far as handling etc? What will the price be and when will it be available? Can we order the car now? Any other input would be appreciated, thanks.

10-04-1999, 11:18 PM
If you've modded your 300Z (exhaust, FCD, etc.) then you're probably the type who'd like the S4 more. More tuneability, lower cost, stealthier (unless you choose an A!Avant Garde or Caractere bodykit). It's supposed to be easy to get the S4 up to 330 hp through a chip alone, but I'd go the safer route and get the turbo upgrade forthcoming from TAP. Check out, or the S4 section on You can find the bodykits at and at That is, of course, if you want to consider an alternative.<p>BTW, 6-cylinder (for now), probably around .92g on the skidpad (it IS a BMW after all), priced around $45k base (could be higher), not available till next spring, don't know about dealers taking orders yet. Whatever you decide to get, enjoy it.

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