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09-29-1999, 11:37 AM
No Flames please read<p><p>before making comments or to educate yourself on the subject. I love my Manual E36 but in reading this article it seems quite intersting and makes me feel motivated to get as SMG M3/E46.<p>First, is that even a posiblity for the new M3 in the US?<br>Second, It sort of makes sense that if race cars have this system there ought to be something good about it. <p>Please post only if you are truly familiar in this subject.<p>Regards,<br>Caesar

09-29-1999, 02:43 PM
</i>It's definitely a great thing. I drive one everyday (in Europe). Don't know however if it will come to the US. However it will be one modell for the whole world, as some people claim, then the chances are good. There is word, that in the E46 the gears are shifted through paddels behind the wheel rather than with a stick as in the E36.

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