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Bill P
10-01-1999, 11:28 AM
I've been monitoring this board's discussions for the past couple of months now and have found it extremely helpful. Many thanks to the hosts and board members for their entusiasim and technical insights. <p>I've owned the 323i since December '98 and it has been 100% reliable but, it is very boring to drive. I also own a '98 528i which is an absolute joy to drive. Both are automatics with standard suspensions. The 528i has 15" alloys with Mich. and the 323i has the 16" + Conti. option.<br>These are my 323i observations;<br>1)Stock suspension is absolutley devoid of traditional BMW feedback.<br>2)Auto transmission requires long "spool-up" time on WOT.<br>3)Steering wheel is off center 5 degrees, right. Dealer can't fix, dealer says: spline is to coarse to set properly, alignment is perfect, this is normal.<p>Am I being picky or do others feel the same?<br>

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