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10-09-1999, 06:38 PM
Sorry about the cross-post. I just need as much input to this headache as possible.<p><br>My sister's car (97 Nissan Sentra) was hit by someone else (his fault). He hit the fender and the right pass. door. The was a police report. The damage is extensive, but mostly sheetmetal. She took it to the local Macco's and their estimate includes a new door, bumper cover, wheel, etc. that totaled to $2790.14 for parts and labor.<p>However, the insurance looked at it and said the car doesn't need new parts and wants us to use repainted used parts. Also, they're not paying to fix some parts (like the damaged inner door and alignment) that Macco specified as in need of replacement. They also claim that the car had had pre-accident scratches that they're not accountable for. The estimate came out to be $1362.28, far below Macco's. Lastly, they pointed us to some pretty shady places 40-60 miles away to fix the car.<p>My question is what are my rights and what am I entitled to? Can I request only genuine new parts? Can I use the bodyshop I trust? If so, how am I going to fight this? I don't want to hire a lawyer, but do I have a choice? Also, when I get compensated, am I obligated to fix the car or can I use the money for something else (like towards a new car)?<p>Thanks for your help,<br>Jack

10-11-1999, 10:08 AM
You have a right to get the car fixed at a place of your choice.<br>You have a right to get the car fixed up to its original condition. Which means that they can use parts from a similar model car. You dont have a say on that. But keep giving them hell about it.<p>Make sure you get it repaired in a place of your choice to your satisfaction...that is the law.<br>Send me a e-mail if you need any more advice.<br>

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