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or I will be so sad
10-13-1999, 02:26 PM
If I'm going to drop $50K on this car, I don't want a piece of **** camaro or mustang kicking my *** on the street. <p>Yeah I know what you're gonna say, M3 has better handling, yes it does but when was the last time you raced a camaro in a race track where good handling is required. NEVER!!!!!<p>The race is on the freeway or off the red light. So this bitch better be quick, or I'm going to cry.<p>my $0.02 cents<p>10th on the list<br>

10-21-1999, 03:32 PM
If you are a straight line master it sounds like you need to get yourself a vette. I never run the redline in the straights. Total boring.. no skill required. <p>BTW... who are you racing on the freeway/red lights? Head for the hills baby. Go up against the 355s and 911s!<p>-Apex! <br>-Heel\Toe! <br>-Off-camber turns! <br>-Double Yellow Twisties!<p>-VrooM\\\<p><p>

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