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12-10-1999, 06:45 PM
Warning, if you live in the Southern Ohio area, stay away from Voss BMW located on the southside of Dayton.<p>Tonight, I had taken a friend there who was interested in an E36 model BMW. While we were there one of the salespersons (his name was scott) approached me as to why I bought my 323ci at Frank Z imports (who kick ***) and not Voss BMW. He stated "How dare you come back to this dealership to shop us when you didn't buy from us the first time." I was completely stunned. I could not believe I was standing in the middle of a BMW dealer (one that I had actually considered doing business with) being yelled at, bitched at, and insulted all because I chose to buy a car from their competitor. Now I'm sure as hell glad that I did not do business with those *******'s. <p>I stongly suggest NOT doing business with Voss BMW in Dayton Ohio. Not only are they overpriced, they do not give a rats *** about their customers. I even brought in a potential customer for them, and they didn't give a **** about him either. If you are in the Dayton area, I do suggest doing business with Frank Z imports. They are very fare with their prices and understand what customer satisfaction is all about, somthing Voss BMW doesn't know anything about.

12-11-1999, 11:57 AM
This morning I got a phone call from Dave, the salesmanager at Voss BMW. He was very apologetic on the phone stating that this incident should never have happened. He ensured that the conversation that his salesman, Scott, and I had did not reflect the overall attitudes and opinions of Voss and that if Dave had been there, the conversation wouldn't have got as nasty as it did. Last night I was severly pissed off and may have over reacted in my original header, but the incident did happen and I was very disappointed that a salesman would put a customer in that opinion.<p>Again, Dave opologized on behalf of the dealer, I apologized for over reacting, and we did the old hug and handshake over the phone.

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