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08-28-2000, 07:20 PM
When do you think the E36 pricing will plummet due to the E46? If at all how much should it drop... Just wondering because of what happened to the corvette when the new style came out.

08-28-2000, 07:30 PM
My take is that E36 prices will not be eroded beyond normal depreciation when the E46 debuts since the price will go up about 5K on the E46. Also there will not be many E46's available at least early in production. In fact the higher priced E46 may drag used E36 prices up a little at least initially. I've seen it happen when a somewhat limited production car is replaced by a higher priced revision. I think it will depend heavily on the reviews of the E46 - it will be heavier & the performance increase may not be dramatic. I'm personally going to wait a year & see if a EVO model is produced.

08-29-2000, 09:08 AM
that "the E46 - it will be heavier & the performance increase may not be dramatic."<p>I heard that the New M3 is lighter by as mush as 200 lbs or more. With the 340 HP engine the performance should be a 10 to 1 improvement over the E36. But, all of this information is from a dealer (may need to take with a grain of salt).<p>Do you know where I can get some good true stats?<p>Thanks.<p><br>

08-29-2000, 10:39 AM
The one spec which the Factory has not commented on is the weight of the e46 M3. Since the e46 3 series is a little heavier than the e36 3 series, many are guessing the e46 M3 will be heavier than the e36 M3. We do know the e46 M3 will not have a spare tire, and will have an aluminum hood, so there should be some weight saving there. But, we don't know the weight of the e46 M3. However, it is only logical for e36 M3 owners to want to believe their cars will be worth as much, or more, after the e46 M3 is released as before.<br>

08-29-2000, 02:06 PM
BMW Car ( British mag) posted wt. at 1600 kg - you do the math!!

08-29-2000, 02:13 PM
Pls name one M model that has not been heavier than it's preceeding chassis - look at the weight progression of the E30 -E36 M3 & the E28 - E34 - E39 M5. Each car has gotten heavier - you're smoking something heavy duty if you think this trend will be reversed with intro of the E46 M3!!

08-29-2000, 04:19 PM
e46 will not hurt e36 prices and may even help. The e36 is at a significantly lower price point than the e46. If you're a BMW enthusiast and want a sporty affordable bmw, the e36 M3 remains the ONLY choice. A minty certified pre-owned '97 M3 w/ 25k miles can be had for $32k and is WAY more desireable than a 328/330 for $43k, right? Its a no-brainer. The $55k e46 will just make the e36 look that much MORE affordable/desireable. The e46 will not be THAT much faster than the e36 - e46 is much heavier and has similar torque output. It surely will not handle any better than an e36 (probably worse due to weight and e46 steering). And for those who are heavily into straight-line performance, they can just turbo or SC their e36. Moreover, the e46 version of the 3 series will never be as celebrated as the e36 (will any car ever be so celebrated?). Don't get me wrong, the e46 will be hot, but at $55k it will be playing in a different league where prestige and/or big power is needed and the new M3 will not shine quite so brightly. A lot of folks (not me) would rather have a CLK430 or a slightly used porsche instead of a 3-series bimmer for that money, no matter how fast the 3 may be. That's why BMW made a special (much cheaper) US e36 M3, and that is why it sold like crazy and continues to hold value extremely well over here. Like the euro e36 M3 that was not brought over here, the e46 power will not be very accessible for US driving and will not "feel" ultra powerful until revved to the nether regions of the tach. This kind of power will not be very desireable for the big V8 and Porsche crowd (and US buyers in general) who like to "feel" a big thrust whenever they hit the gas (and aren't into revving the **** out of their $55k cars). In a nut shell, the car simply won't enjoy the same level of perceived "greatness" of the e36 M3.

08-29-2000, 04:43 PM
BMW has not released the weight of the e46 M3. All postings are nothing more than guesses. May be good guesses. But, only BMW employees know the weight for sure, and they're not talking. You can guess all you want. Me, I prefer to wait for official announcements. Oh, btw, since you know the future, who's going to win the world series this year?

08-29-2000, 07:29 PM
<i>....However, it is only logical for e36 M3 owners to want to believe their cars will be worth as much, or more, after the e46 M3 is released as before.</i><p>This happens time and time again, a new model of a car comes out and owners of the previous model immediately come up with a list of reasons why their car is actually better than the newer one. Hell, just read the e30 M3 board and they're still aruging which is better the e30 or the e36!<p>So the e36/e46 M3 debate is just getting started. Who knows...maybe they'll be right this time. Maybe the e36 M3 will be a overweight, underpowered, numb steering, soft riding luxury car (btw...I think this is essentially how the e30 M3 crowd describes the e36 M3). If it is...I'll get my deposit back and buy something else. No big deal.<p><br>

08-29-2000, 08:00 PM
Hey dmkozak - BMW Car has posted very accurate info on the E46 & other BMW's in the past.I don't know who will win series but I'm willing to wager a fair amount that the E46 M3 will be heavier than E36. I'm so convinced that I've given up my #1 slot here in Co. & will wait another year for a light weight version if it comes to the US. You can't add in the newer electronics etc & not add weight. Research the wt of the M car progressions & you will see that each new platform went up 200-300 lbs. That doesn't sound like much 200 lbs is huge on the track where I drive my cars!!

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