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10-16-2000, 03:53 PM
Some questions.. <p>I was going to order leatherette because it is a soap and water option. But since cloth/leather is the std, what do you guys think about cleanability (I somehow have this idea that cloth may be more easy to get scuff or have specks of dirt etc.? Am I wrong? I hope I am because I just want the cheaper option. And is it as durable as leatherette. Washability etc.<br>My leather seats currently look as new so I dont see seat dirtiness as a major issue (no kids for now, neither of us eat in car and I will be throwing the cupholders out asap - my only aftermarket work on car!!) <p>Also, will the seats be as adjustable if i dont subscribe to all the fancy power seat options. Or will I lose the ability to raise or lower it as much as with the option. I have the power sport seats on my 328i with NO lumbar as far as I know and love it. I hate lumbar on most cars but I dont know...maybe BMWs lumbar is good. has anybody seen these adjustable seats? I want narrower snug seats which arch back.<p>oKay i realise that nobody may know the answer but i am just asking for opinions, guesses .<p>thanks.<p>Ran<br>99 E46 328i sport with power sport seats - no lumbar as far as i know and I love these seats<br>and 98 M3 great seats dont know whether it is supposed to have lumbar either.<p>

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