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11-27-2000, 12:14 PM
<br>I'm wondering how many loyalists BMW is goning to lose as a result of their 'keep people in the dark' stunt. It's almost unexcuseable.<p>Enough is enough. I've just about had it. I admit it's a bit agonizing trying to decide on a worthy replacement for my '97 M3 ($ for $). Not that many options: CLK430, Porsche Boxter S, Porsche 911... But it's a decision I'll have to live with nonetheless. Maybe I'll come back into an M3 in a few years, when all the euphoria wears down + when they work out all the kinks in the delivery process.<p>A word for the wise: #'s on a dealership list doesn't mean a darn thing. I'm #5 on the list at a major NJ dealership. It's a dog eat dog world. Even #1 on the list will come 2nd to someone who'll be willing to pay a measly $1000 over msrp. It's going to get ugly.<p>Signing off...

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