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11-30-2000, 01:10 PM
See attached URL for pics, info, Kinesis<br>retail prices, etc. Please note that the<br>group buy is NOT done directly through<br>Kinesis. That is, Kinesis will know NOTHING<br>about this deal. The deal is being done<br>directly through an authorized Kinesis<br>distributor.<p>For those unfamiliar with Kinesis wheels,<br>they compete against IFG and Fikse, in terms<br>of price, weight & quality. Price is no longer<br>be an issue because you will find that the<br>group buy prices are really really good -<br>better than any retail price you'll find<br>in the market right now.<p>I'd like to buy a set at this price. But<br>can't do it without any of your help.<br>Christmas is coming... I have to splurge<br>(on myself)!!!<p>Please email DAVE at FAST4DR@AOL.COM for<br>the details. Give him the make and model of<br>your car. Note that Kinesis wheels are <br>made (and forged) to order.<p>My e-mail is PL@MLUNDY.COM. However, any<br>requests for additional information that I<br>receive will be directly forwarded to Dave.<p>Thanks!<p>Peter

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