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12-06-2000, 10:16 PM
Anyone notice that the interior (Imola Red) on the Swedish video is solid? I thought the interior colors only applied to the seating surfaces and door panels - like in the M5's etc. Anyone have any definite info???????

D.A. 2001
12-06-2000, 10:21 PM
<i><br>My dealer told me the Black/imola red will look just like the combo in the M5.<br>

12-06-2000, 10:29 PM
Seems like it may depend on which color interior.<p>I've always seen spy shots of the grey leather covering most of the interior, part of the dash, etc. Black is of course all black.<p>Then I've seen red, and heard that the cinamon are just seats and door inserts, giving more of a two-tone interior look.<p>$0.02<br>

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