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east coast m3
02-12-2001, 05:16 PM
Is there any way to make sure that the front license plate bracket is not installed on the new m3? My concern is that it may be screwed on? Does anyone know about this? Perhaps whether it's dealer installed? On my 1995 325i, it just clipped into slots. Is it the same for the e46?<p>Thanks in advance.<p>M.B.<br>March Production TS/BLK, Nappa, Xenons, CD<br>Upstate NY<br>

02-12-2001, 05:39 PM
From what I understand, the car arrives at your dealer with a clean front bumper and the plate bracket plus mounting screws in the trunk. Standard dealer prep is to mount it.<p>So you need to grab your dealer and his prep guy by the collar and make _sure_ they understand you don't want no bracket nor holes in your front bumper. I've seen reports where folks got this done right on the first try with just a quick word, and other who got holes drilled despite their every effort to avoid it.<p>Maybe a six pack of imported beer secretly offered as a reward for a clean front bumper?

east coast m3
02-12-2001, 07:36 PM

02-12-2001, 07:39 PM

02-12-2001, 07:56 PM
Since essentially no one has taken US delivery of an M3, my advice is extrapolated from how the 330ci and 325ci are done, which we have every reason to believe will be the same on M3.<p>And it is also true that the 330i is slightly different from the 330ci already, where the 330i has a black horizontal bumper strip which is used for the no-front-plate case, and is removed/replaced as part of the plate install. Some folks have taken plates off 330i's and acquired the strip to put their bumper back to stock look. That's for the sedan. For the coupe (which should be us) it has been a screw-it-on operation. I throw out this extra info since the M3 bumper is slightly different and might have a similar variation. In all cases I know of, there's always a front plate kit of some kind in the trunk.<p>We'll know more in a month or so as some folks get their hands on these critters.<p>$0.02<br>

GregW in Oregon
02-13-2001, 01:35 AM
installed. I haven't run a front plate here in Oregon for 28 years, even though they are legally required. Only been tagged once, and he just wanted to get me on something. So, make it very clear to the dealer prep folks you do not want a front plate installed. Of cours, you'll miss out on one of those nice free front plate holders with the dealer's name all over it! But, msybr they'd give it to you on the side so you could hang it on your wall.

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