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hand today....nate328Ci
03-29-2001, 06:45 PM
I was able to see both at the New Orleans Auto show at the Superdome. <p>M3- I loved it. Great looking. LSB- strange, but I still like it. The interior was nice, it had Grey leather with the black trim. It thought the Interior was very nice, business-like as and M car should be. Engine, looked good, no driving on the Superdome floor;) My friend hated LSB, but I kind of liked it, interesting to say the least. Those of you who say that it doesn't have much depth are accurate. It would look much better as mettalic. I was talking to the salesman from Peake BMW and he said that noone was allowed to demo it for a while, and it was for show. He also said that the dealership's owner's steel grey/black car was arriving next week. Lucky Bastard.<p>Z8- First time ever being in one. It was very nice, black on sand. Retro interior. I was supprised that the seats weren't that well boltered, but still good. I have driven an M5 many times, the Z8 must be awesome.

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