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Daniel Cooper
06-06-2000, 01:41 PM
Hi Guys,<p>Well, I went psycho this weekend and removed the stereo from my '73 tii. Although it's a great system, I never listen to it, thanks to the beautiful music<br>emanating from the 2.5L M3 Stroker motor. Also, I am going for the "performance minimalist" approach (I weighed everything and it was 60 lbs!) with a<br>guage panel in the center console. Anyways, as a result, I have some cool stuff to sell and I'm pretty much giving it away! Here is what I have:<p><br>1) ADS PQ20 Amp. This is an awesome 8 channel, 320 watt amp with low use in perfect condition. It cost me $750. I will sell for $200 + shipping.<p>2) Boston Accoustics speakers (as a set): Includes tweeters, door units and rear units. Includes top notch "Phoenix Gold" speaker wires and crossovers. Very nice stuff.<br>$175.00 + ship.<p>3) Nakamichi TD1200 Mk. II Cassette/tuner unit. Still the state of the art in tape player technology. I paid $1,200 & will sell for $200.00.<p>Note, I will sell all stereo equipment as a package for $500 + shipping.<p>Let me know if you have any questions.<p>Regards,<p>COOP

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