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bimmer brett
07-27-2000, 06:37 PM
I posted before but I have some more info. What I am asking is what you think of the car I am about to describe, what you think it's worth and any advice you can give me.<p>I have an 84 528e and can talk in E28 terms, but I have little clue about E9's. I do know I appreciate the style of the E9 very much and that is why I am interested in this car.<p>Here are the details:<p>1971 2800CS auto, converted to M30 engine with no a/c, Getrag 260/5 5-speed, stiffer/lower springs, M5 criss/cross wheels 16", comes also with some kind of 13" wheels as well, the body originally had some rust in the usual spots but has been fixed using a premium body filler and TLC. the owner did the conversion and body work himself (he's a prof. body man) with the intent to keep the car (so the work is good). i examined the M30 retrofit and it looks great - he did a great job with it. Everything else is original. It comes with a CS front spoiler.<p>Work required: horn needs to be connected up to steering wheel, seized emergency brake cable. Everything else good.<p>It has been repainted a dark metalic blue. paint looks good. the front right fender has a small ding in it and there is a small ding in the rear quarter panel (nothing major).<p>After bodywork, cas has not been driven in winter, stored indoors.<p>Any advice or direction would be appreciated! Thanks.<p>brett<br>84 528e with goodies

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