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12-07-1998, 11:29 AM
Before you flame me I have this posted in the E36 area as well. I'm posting it here because the E36 area is not too well known yet. It also aplies to M3ers as well.<p>I have 1998 318i sedan that I bought in July 1998 with 3,450 miles on it now. The car is absolutely fantastic (alpine white, sand leather, sport wheels and more). My first BMW (Saab 900 before).<p>: I have a question about the transmission and fluid. As I am getting used to driving this car I have "ground the gears" just a little bit a few times when not having the clutch and gear change lever properly synchronized (ooops). Actually I've done it 6 times over the past 5 months (yes I count em). No high rpm missed shifts here, just routine casual driving sloppy shifting. I immediately depress the clutch as I sense the "gear-grind" feel and noise so it is ever so slight in it's duration.<p>My question is this: Is this reason to have the transmission fluid changed? Or are manual transmissions designed for these "normal driving, human error" type mishaps. In other words, am I being too "****" about this. To me this car is "my baby" ;-)<p>FYI: The dealer has told me there is synthetic fluid in the (1998 cars) tranny and rear-end from the factory. They say its liftime fluid and won't ever require changing. For me that means I'll probably have it changed anyway at 10,000 miles at least. Alright I've said enough.<p>Steve<br>

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