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12-08-1998, 02:25 PM
I posted this right before the message board imploded, but I'll post it again for those of you who missed it.<p>I installed a Borla exhaust on Sat on my 98 M3/4. The results showed about a 4HP/6lbTQ loss between 2-3.5K rpm. With a 2-3HP increase at redline. This was done on a stock M3 with K&N drop in filter.<p>A couple of comments. The exhaust was brand new and was smoking quite a bit when it heated up. I assume this was due to manufacturing residue and probably is not helping its performance at all. After driving for 2 days things are pretty well burnt off and the performance (via butt dyno) seems to have improved. I will re-dyno in Jan to check on things then before the JC chip goes in to make a final consensus about whether this upgrade is helpful.<p>Sound quality of exhaust is excellent and improving with use. Cost was excellent at $400 and installation was very easy. <p>Also on Sat. I drove a RMS SC M3 with full Bilstein, H&R, RDSport (sway bars) suspension. Excellent ride quality, cornered like a go kart, and went like a bat out of hell if you pushed it. Driving in traffic wasn't great as the supercharger drained a lot of power down low, and shifting seemed to be affected by all this with shifting being very different than in my car. I am thinking of this suspension upgrade as a definite possibility in the next year or so. I was quoted around $1500 installed, about $1200 DIY for the whole system. A good deal IMHO.<p>Also saw dyno results of a SS and an B&B Triflow exhaust. Both had less negative results down low (although still negative) with slight (4 or 5 HP) increases up top. Basically none of these seem to be doing much except changing sound quality and reducing weight. But that is what everyone already in the know says so no surprises there.<p>Regards,<br>Preston<br>98 M3/4<br>

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