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Tino Saloomen
12-08-1998, 07:44 PM
Hello all,<p>I spoke with Mike Ward of the L.A. Chapter BMW CCA at the Christmas party held at Bimmers Clinic this past Saturday and he filled me in on the upcoming "Racing School" that the L.A. Chapter is going to have so I thought I would pass the info on to you guys. If you haven't heard about it yet, this school is going to be hot! They will have highly experienced racers instructing things from the basic fundamentals of racing to the more advanced racing techniques that we all want to learn. They will teach things such as Flying Starts, restarts, open passing practice, alternative racing lines, car and driver prep., test and tune, overtaking, post race notes, etc...basically get us well prepared for "Wheel to wheel" racing. This is open to only "A" advanced drivers or License holders from other well recognized sanctioning bodies (REFERENCES WILL BE CHECKED). The price per student will be $375. The school will include at least 4 open passing driving sessions and 4 classroom sessions per day to keep us busy. It will be held at Willow Springs Raceway (Big track) on Feb. 13-14 1999. They encourage race prepared cars but they don't require them so for those of us that don't have a race car sitting in the garage, we can drive our street cars. Spaces are very limited, only the first 30 drivers will be accepted so better get those applications in fast! Note* All previous driving experience will have to be verified in order to get accepted into the school*. They want to make sure you are experienced enough to move up to the next level. I am still waiting for the registration information so Email me if you are interested and I will Email you with the details of registration.<p>Thanks!,<p>Tino Saloomen<br><br><p>

Steve S.
12-09-1998, 09:37 AM
Tino, with the fact that this is a racing school vs. a high performance driving school, I was kinda concerned about taking a new car on the track with some IT cars that tend to bump each other around from time to time. Don't get me wrong...I would love to come...but I am concerned as to what MIGHT happen to my new car. I would assume maybe three run groups with the Improved Touring folks in the advanced group and the guys with their nice new M3s in the novice or intermediate group. Any idea on how this could be handled? Thanks.<p>Steve S.<p>P.S. Another point...since this is considered a racing school. I am assuming that any damage that happens to your car will be taken care of by the owner, since insurance would not cover a racing school event. Am I correct in my assumption.?

12-09-1998, 09:15 PM
Steve,<br>I see your point about getting bumped in a nice new car but let me tell you that this is not<br>like the Touring Car stuff you see on TV. There is a very strict "No contact" rule in<br>force, the same one that is in force for the BMW CCA Club racing stuff called the 13/13<br>rule. If you touch our bump anyone on the track regardless of it being a high<br>performance driving school or a racing school, you get to watch for the next 13 months. <br>You will not drive again for 13 months. If there is a second incident, then you are not<br>allowed to drive with them again. I'm not saying that there can't be any contact between the cars but considering I have been to over 25 or so schools in the past few years and have yet to see this type of incident, I would think that the chance of an incident is very low. There will be 2 different run groups for the different<br>prepared cars. One for the race prepared race cars and one for the regular street cars you<br>usually see at the high performance driving events that the BMW CCA hosts. I don't know the details of insurance coverage but in my opinion, anything that is labeled<br>"RACE" whatever, is not covered under most insurance. You have to check with your<br>insurance provider for details but you are correct in my opinon of "Owner beware". <br>Let me reassure you that this is a very professional event and will have great instructors. No one without a ton of<br>experience will be allowed to enroll in the school. If you or anyone is interested in<br>learning how to race by attending the BMW CCA Racing School’s please Email me and I<br>will give you the details of enrollment.<p>Thanks,<p>Tino Saloomen<br>

Steve S.
12-10-1998, 01:13 AM
You have made me feel better about it...I have heard some horror stories with the NASA events.<p>Steve S.

12-10-1998, 03:39 AM
If you are at all interested in some real wheel to wheel racing in the future, the BMW CCA Racing school is the way to go. Cheap too...compared to Skip Barber and others.<p>See you there!<p>Tino

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