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Arman Nikzad
12-14-1998, 01:46 PM
The car is a 97 M3/4 w/ 17K miles on it about 1k miles<br>ago I changed oil to Mobil 10w30 synthetic and put in a K&N filter replacement (not the open element).<p>Now the car sounds louder specailly after 3K, even at idle its a bit louder - Any Idea ? I am open to suggestions. <p>Thanks in advance.

12-14-1998, 03:11 PM
This happened becuase of K&N air filter. I knows a couple of people who replaced their air filter with K&N and face the same situation.The sound of the engine will be slightly louder around the middle range or RPM (3-5k). Some people like the increase in the noise, but some does not. I personally like the engine sound with K&N. So, your increase in engine noise is normal.

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