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Michael Russell
12-18-1998, 03:18 PM
I have the opertunity to buy a 1997 M3 sedan that has come off lease, and the dealer, (Not a<br>BMW dealer) is asking $33,000, (30,000 miles, techno-violet with grey leather) My question is,<br>does anybody have an idea as to what the residual was on this car, what BMW would have sold it<br>to them for? Just trying ot figure out what they have into it.<p>Thanks for any help. <p>

12-19-1998, 03:32 AM
The residual was probably around $32-34K, depending on the terms of the lease (options and accessories must also be considered). The dealer may not be making much if priced at $33K. I’d imagine there was no trade-in value on the M3...the dealer might have just took it off the lessee’s hands. This may have seemed like a good deal for the lessee since he could've been facing $500-$1K in excessive mileage by surrendering it to BMW. The real profit was made in whatever new car the lessee traded it in for. Unfortunately, this means there isn't too much room for you to deal.<p>Harry<br>97 M3/4<br>

Michael Russell
12-19-1998, 06:38 AM
Thanks, I will let you know what I find out. I am going to drive it today.

12-19-1998, 07:16 PM
The price sounds pretty fair if it is a nice car and you like the color. You might want to check Kelly Blue Book for the apx. wholesale value- dealers will generally pay apx $2,000. back of wholesale book for the car.<p>Check it out . . .<p>Ps. FYI, color does factor into a cars value- based on the desirability of a particular color in the market- but this does not show up on the retail kbb site.<p>

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