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12-20-1998, 10:48 PM
I would like some honest feedback on chip tuning my 95 M3.It seems to me that most of the companies offering chips claim power in the high rpm range. Well my question is this: is'nt most of the power gain simply "unlocked" from simply raising the rev limit?<br>I very rarely take a car to redline while shifting so I am thinking that a chip would not give me much enjoyment.I have recently moved into the BMW scene from the VW arena.I'm used to getting aftermarket bolt-ons and engine rebuild kits and significantly increasing power relatively cheap. I am very happy with my M3 and all I want is just a slight edge on most other M3 owners. To chip or not to chip. Help .

12-21-1998, 12:11 AM
the gain is not in the high end (the increased redline doesn't give you muc) i hear a slight increase in MPG<p>Bruce

john W
12-21-1998, 12:16 PM
Look at the Mhaven site..been discussing the JCchip for the last two weeks. Also try scrolling down on this site for more on the JCchip.

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