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Roy Wicklund
12-28-1998, 03:20 PM
My 1991 E30 M3, stock engine with Autothority chip, when first started the engine sort of pulses, like it isn't getting enough fuel, then recovers to normal...then repeats. This is very noticeable if you put it in second gear and set the cruise control. After 3-5 minutes, when the engine warms-up, the problem goes away. I have had the plugs and the O2 sensor changed, but no change to the problem. TMS also looked at the problem briefly, found everything on the surface to be in order and didn't resolve it. Any ideas? Thanks

12-30-1998, 07:23 AM
Roy<br>I've had similar probs with my 89 Ravaglia spent weeks trying to cure it, then I changed both the coolant temp sensors NT1&2 on the exhaust side above the manifold,its been good as gold since then.<p>Scott (Loondonsville)

aaron Reitman
01-12-1999, 10:51 PM
I have a 1990 e30 m3 with an autothority chip, and I live in northern wisconsin. I can start my can in weather as cold as 35 below and it runs fine from the start, just a thought that you may want to rule out the chip being the problem, who knows???

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