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12-29-1998, 09:01 PM
The M3 owner's manual says 6.3 Qt<br>I have always used 7 Qt.<br>Is that ok?<p>Dan

(eom) Bruce
12-29-1998, 09:15 PM

12-29-1998, 11:40 PM
<i>: The M3 owner's manual says 6.3 Qt<br>: I have always used 7 Qt.<br>: Is that ok?<p>: Dan<p>although .7 of a quart isn't a whole lot <br>over filling the crankcase can sometimes <br>be more damaging to an engine than running<br>it a little low ,and doing this can and will<br>affect the performance of any car.i would recommend<br>you use only the prescribed amount <br>it is not hardly any extra effort to pour<br>in about 1/4 of a quart than the whole thing

john W
12-30-1998, 05:35 PM
Most M3 manuals recommend 6.9 qts with filter chg.<br>but in the M3 engine, 6.3, 6.9 or 7.0 can all be correct if when the engine is cold, the oil never goes above the top mark on the dipstick. Going above that top mark (cold engine) is never recommended.

12-30-1998, 09:00 PM
<br>I have always put atleast 7 qts in my 95 ///M3 and when I'm at a Driver School or lapping session at Sebring all the SCCA racers suggest even a little more, but on the street its always 7 qts.........Chris

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