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01-04-1999, 11:51 AM
For sale: 1998 M3 Sedan (5spd) - $37,900<p> - Cosmos black with grey interior (leather)<p> - new Pole Position S-02's all around (about <br> 5k miles on them - lost my Pilot's to a large <br> screw and had to replace all around to match<br> the S-02's since Pilot's were not available)<p> - Power seats<br> - HK upgraded sound with CD changer<br> - On board computer<br> - Sunroof<br> - Cruise<br> - M-Contour rims<br> - Folding/Split rear seats for trunk access<br> - BMW Alarm with Remote keyless entry<p> - a little over 20K miles<p> - K40 Stealth, built in front and rear radar <br> detector with front Laser with difuser for <br> laser blocking (passed its first ever Laser<br> test last week - I was psyched!). This is a<br> nice unit with a great custom install with <br> upgraded LED lights seamlessly added to the<br> dash console.<p> - Bavarian Autoworks hood bra<p> - BMW Roofrack with bike attachment (nice rack<br> as it attached to bolts in the raingutter track<br> so has no visible attachment contacts to keep <br> the roof scratch free)<p>

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