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01-12-1999, 02:44 AM
Hey everyone,<p>Just wanted to let you know that there is going to be a GREAT meeting /<br>event for all the BMW CCA members at Century West BMW in Universal City<br>on March 6th from 7pm to 10pm. Anyone that is either into BMW's or the<br>high performance stuff that's out on the market shouldn't miss this<br>meeting. Guess that means all of you! There are going to be a bunch of<br>vendors there which should make this event very special. Just to give<br>you an idea of who is going to be there let me tell you that so far we<br>have CEC/AC Schnitzer, Valentine Research, Meguiar's, Yokohama, Motul,<br>Brembo, Toyo and more that are going to come and give presentations on<br>their products. There will also be a raffle for tons of great prizes<br>including a V1 radar detector *($399 Value)!!! So if you want to join<br>in on the fun and come out to this event please let us know. Guests of<br>members are also welcome to join us at the meeting. RSVP is a must and<br>should be submitted to Robyn McNutt ( or myself<br>( ASAP. This event is free BTW so you have no<br>excuse not to attend ;-). There will also be refreshments and hors<br>d'oeuvres served.<br>If you have any questions or comments please E-mail them to either Robyn<br>McNutt or myself.<p>Thank you and hope to see everyone there!!!,<p>Tino Saloomen<br>

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