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01-12-1999, 03:30 AM
<br>Hello All,<p>Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Now that all of that stuff is<br>out of the way I would like to let you know that the Willow Springs<br>Racing School is going to be held on the 13th and 14th of Feb. The cost<br>of the event is $375 per student.<br>The school is designed to take the Advanced driver and get them prepared<br>for Club Racing. They will run a variety of driving exercises that are<br>not taught in the regular high performance driving schools in order to<br>make the driver very well prepared to enter the Club Racing events.<br>They will cover items from Pre Race Prep. all the way to Post Race<br>Prep. It will be taught by very highly experienced well known racers (<br>I will leave the names out of it and make it a surprise for all ) that<br>are more than capable of making you drive better and better understand<br>the strategy of racing plus give you some insider information that will<br>help you in your racing career. The school will include 4 driving<br>sessions and 4 classroom sessions per day that is more than enough to<br>satisfy everyone's needs. There is also talk of there being a race at<br>the end of the day for the racers and those students that excel in the<br>class and have the minimum safety requirements to enter a full race<br>event.<br>The question regarding minimum safety requirements has come up a few<br>times and I would like to just let everyone know that you don't need a<br>race prepared car to attend the school. It is however always better to<br>be over prepared rather than under prepared and for that same reason it<br>is strongly suggested that you consider some form of safety equipment<br>regardless if you choose to race the car or attend any track event. If<br>you don't have a roll cage and other safety equipment, you probably<br>won't be allowed to race the car if the schools chooses to allow a race<br>and include the rookies. All that is required for this racing school<br>is exactly what you need for the high performance driving schools<br>(Helmet Snell 90 or newer NOT MOTORCYCLE) yourself and your car.<br>Tech inspections will be done at the track unless your are notified to<br>have it done before. Car numbers will be assigned to each student but<br>if you already have a car number please let me know so I can register<br>you in the school with the correct car number.<br>To register for the school please contact myself (Tino Saloomen) via E-mail at<br> If you would like to register online, you can do<br>so by visiting the following web site (<br>Go to the online registration section of the site and submit a complete<br>application. You will receive a confirmation from myself w/in 48hrs<br>with instructions on where to send your checks. If you don't get a<br>confirmation within that time frame, please either E-mail me or call me<br>direct. Due to the limited number of students that will be accepted<br>into this school, please register ASAP. No late entries will be<br>accepted and the deadline is Feb. 3, 1999.<br>Please take note this school is open only to "A" students who have the<br>minimum requirements needed to enroll in the school. If you don't have<br>enough experience please do yourself a favor and don't register.<br>Once again, if you have any questions about this school, please feel<br>free to E-mail or Call me and I will make sure to answer your question<br>or find the answer to your question if I don't know it.<p>Thank you!!!,<p>Tino Saloomen<br>

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