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01-12-1999, 04:49 PM
Anybody here have a BMP Strut Brace?<br>Can you comment on the quality of the fit and finish of the brace.<p>Thanks<p>Dan

01-13-1999, 05:06 PM
Dan,<p>I have one and it is sweet. I have the billet with the solid machined strut tower covers. I have had mine for about nine months and it is in great shape. It is pretty light weight as well. I use it in conjunction with an xBrace and the car is firm. I may be willing to sell you mine. Reason - I will be going to coil over springs and adjustable camber plates and I need to see the top of the shock. The BMP is solid so I can't see to make this adjustment so I need to switch to a model with an opening in the top. eMail me if you are interested in purchasing mine (

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