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Scott Snider
01-07-2002, 10:58 AM
If anyone has a stock vibration damper (that is still true), I'd like to buy/swap it to determine if this is the cause of my vibration issue at 2500-2900 rpm...<br>It's a larger diameter "disc" looking thing that sits just inside the front crank pulley on our M3's.....<p>Any leads are greatly appreciated, btw, on Monday i'm checking my usual sources (, and my somewhat close good-deal dealer)<p>Scott Snider<br>95 dakar M3/2 "Gretchen"<br>she rolled over 100,000 miles last night!! (100,027 as I write this)<br>ECIS Euro, UUC, Stygar, AA, V-1 :)<br>Maryland <br>

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