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02-24-1999, 08:15 PM
<center><img src=""></center><p>

02-24-1999, 08:17 PM
I guess this will be the best thing to do so we can gather all knowledge in one forum instead of spreading it out.<p>The Messageboard will have the format of this and be stored at

02-24-1999, 10:35 PM
while it might be nice to spilt into boards by E number, i don't think there is enough people to make the boards successful. There so goo general M boards out there. I guess what I would suggest in a board for E28 and E34 M5s combined and one for the E39. I think the M boards on and cover it pretty well, but us stupid Americans know very little about Alpina. <p>I dunno though. I guess the rarer the model the less successful each board will be. May soon will will need an E46 M3 board, but not yet.<p>I will stop rambling and see if you guys think I made any sense.<p>Bruce

02-26-1999, 06:15 PM
<i>: Just wanted to say that within reasonable of time this Messageboard will split up in four and be joined with The Unofficial BMW M5 Homepage at <p>: The four Messageboards are the followig categories;<p>: 1. E28 M5<br>: 2. E34 M5<br>: 3. E39 M5<br>: 4. Open subject about M models and Alpina<p></i><p><br>As an alternative to the different boards for each body type (there just aren't that many owners out there), perhaps prefixing the subject under one unified M5 board.<p>i.e.: <p> Subject: [e28] exhaust<br> Subject: [e34] Performance mods<br> Subject: [e39] Steering wheel play...<br> Subject: [GEN] Alpina b10 vs. e39 M5?<p>I am not sure what message board software you will be using, but it should be fairly easy to add a "drop-down" menu, w/ the proper "types", to the "message" posting form. I pretty certain we could do that w/ the wwwboard perl script used on not sure what bmwm5 uses... I would be happy to help out with the perl script if needed.<p>By the way, I like the message board format a little better than this one... it displays the entire thread all the time, which makes it easier to navigate.<p>Thanks, Ben<br> <p>

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