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Rob Levinson
04-06-1999, 11:03 PM
<font face="arial">It was my understanding that there were only two E39 M5s in the US at this time (or at least as of last weekend when I was told that at Gateway Tech)... there's the dark blue one and the dark red with titanium-colored wheels.<p>The reason I ask is that I just came back from the NY Auto Show (as usual, don't bother). BMW was showing a distinctly different red one (it was a brighter red and had a tiny rear spoiler and bright chrome wheels). <p>So that makes at least three. Any others?<p>- Rob Levinson<br>'88 M5 Dinan Turbo<br>'85 535i Callaway Turbo (for sale!)</b></font>

04-06-1999, 11:22 PM
There is a fanatic not far from me that lives in Ft Lauderdale - he had sunk a 850csi V12 into an E39 540 sport body (had 550 badges made and stuck them on the back) I only got a look at the engine - I never drove or rode in it unfortunately - just met the guy though a friend... anyway - he sold that and imported a flat black with black interior E39 M5 - My friend that had introduced me to the 550 saw it and fell in love - but again unfortunately I didn't see this to confirm with my own eyes - but I believe it to be a reliable source. Other than the show cars - that's the only possible one I know of.<br>Sean

04-07-1999, 05:44 PM
Any idea how much it cost for the 540--->550 conversion? Sounds like a handful.

04-07-1999, 06:08 PM
Figure the cost of a 850csi engine mated to the existing 6-speed he had - plus suspension and other driveline modifications... you got a lot of money - I''m not sure - but i'd assume over 25K.

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