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03-18-2000, 11:25 PM
Hey Guys...Whhhaaattts uuupp! I have a couple of questions. I have a 97 ///M3 Sedan and take it to the track for open track time and drivers schools. I run 17X8.5 BMW Radial Style (BMW Style No. 32) wheels on the street. This style wheel is optional on the 540i Sport. I need a set of new street tires. Colorado Roads really suck. The streets typically have wear tracks where the traffic flows heavy giving the M3 a tendency to tramline. I don't mind running a little less aggresive than the stock Michelins on the street. I little more comfort/quiet, especially considering the condition of the roads here, would be fine with me as I get my jollies at the track with a separate set of tires/wheels. I've had experience with the W-10 Dunlops and the Yok A520's. Actually, I think the 235/40/17 A520's are the only ones that I know for sure will fit, as clearance with these wheels is VERY close at the front shock towers and I know the W-10's run wide. What is your recommendation for Street tires? <p>How about Track tires? Most poeple I speak with recommend Yoko A-032's. I run 4 17X7.5 BMW ///M-Double spokes all around at the track. These are Non-staggered so I can rotate tires.<p>BTW, you don't happen to know the weight of the two different wheels mentioned above do you? How much do the 17X8 BBS RC's weigh for this car? My garage is beginning to look like the mini Tire Rack w/ Race/Street/Snow tires and wheels!!<p>Thanks!

03-21-2000, 11:11 AM
nks!<p></i> I would recommend The Dunlop SP9000 if you are looking for a better ride quality for the street. The new Bridgestone RE730 at 147.00 per tire would also be a good choice for better ride. As far as track tires the BFG G Force is a better handling tire than the Yoko A032R. If you want a competition tire with more tread life then the Yoko would be a better choice. The BBS RC wheels weigh 17.5 lbs. I would not have the weights of the factory wheels. Ihope this answers your questions. If I can help let me know. Jim ext 364

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