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03-24-2000, 12:24 PM
I want a new setup for my 528 sport but I always get different answers as to what wil fit without fender work and as to the degree in which my ride comfort and noise levels will be affected from 17-19 or 18-19. I am considering the Breyton Inspirations from tire rack in 19x9 but I need a definative answer on their fitment without fender work and an accurate opinion on ride quality. I am thiking about AVS sport tires with the rim, but i would also like tire opinions/suggestions. Thank You <br> Francis<br>P.S. What if everyone at tire rack says they won't rub, but after I mount them they do? Whats the return policy? It is not un common that i have 3 or 4 passengers.<p>

Vincent W
03-24-2000, 04:00 PM
+2 should be fine...<br>some of my friends have 20" on theirs of course they look too big....<br>I think 18" is the best for performance while 19" will give a better performance while also look good....<br>
03-24-2000, 05:20 PM
The Tirerack has a policy that we will not sell a wheel unless it is a guarenteed fittment(ie, if I tell you it is going to work and it doesn't I will take it back no questions asked). As far as the return policy is concerned, I will take back a wheel and/or tire as long as you don't drive on it. You can put it on your car, take picture, have a party invite your friends to see it..........just kidding, anyhow don't drive on it and i'll take it back. ok with that said<br>the 19 inch Breytons look awesome on the 5 series (you didn't give a year but I was thinking you probably have an e39 chassis), but the ride will be a bit on the harsh side(however woth it in my opinion). The thing to remember is that once you get above 18 inch things get to be quite a bit rougher, but they look awesome, <br>hope that helps, thanks<br>Aaron<br>ext.395

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