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03-17-1998, 06:19 PM
I thought I was going nuts last year when my Z3 started to ride like a cement truck after 4 or 5 autocrosses on my 17" Pirelli P Zeros. I even had the suspension checked at the dealer, because I thought the car was falling apart.<p>Mistery solved: Page 78 in the Roundel March issue explains the effect of tire heat cycling under extreme use. It seems the rubber becomes more harsh and less pliable, resulting in a harder street ride.<p>Now that I have switched to 17" Dunlop SP 8000's, the car has regained it's previous ride comfort. I will NOT be autocrossing on these tires.<p>Ulrich<p>

03-17-1998, 08:13 PM
I have not done autocrossing before, but intend to in the future. The following web site has lots of useful information; it recommended using special tires for autoxing:<p>"First advice to you is to NOT run on street tires!!!!!!! You will kill your expensive street tires. You<br>may do it for one event, but after seeing the shape of your tires after that, it will convince you to get<br>specialized autocross tires. Autocross tires have a much stickier compound and stiffer sidewalls. The<br>stiffer sidewalls allows you to run a lower pressure (therefore putting more rubber on the road), while<br>still not rolling over that much. Equipment-wise, tires are everything. Autocross tires should be able to<br>improve your times by about 2-3 seconds (depending on course length), given that everything else is<br>equal. "<p>The site is: <br><a href="">Autocrossing tips etc.</a><p>In general,<p><a href="">VTEC site</a><p>has some driving related info., especially the integra page.<p>Praveen<p>98 BG 2.8

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