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Bill Harris
03-17-1998, 07:43 PM
Can any of you lucky new M Roadster owners tell me if there is any difference between the seats on the Roadster and the sport seats on the Z3 2.8? When I sat in sport seats on the 2.8, it was not as comfortable for me as the reg seats, (somewhat too snug in the hips for my size), but I have seen some say that the Roadster seats are more comfortable than the 2.8's and the leather is softer. Are they more forgiving, or do you think they would seem as narrow and "dish like" to me as the 2.8 sport seats.? I have a chance to change my order to a M Roadster, but do not want to be uncomfortable as a result.

03-17-1998, 07:56 PM
Got to sit in the //M this weekend (Estoril blue, gorgeous car). Seats felt snug like the 2.8's sport seats. I think they are a bit different in the leather pattern, but could not tell for sure. My wife an I both agreed they would be a whole lot more comfortable in softer leather (it's just as hard as our regular seats) and a little less bolstering. However, we also think the regular seats could use some <b>more </b> bolstering. <p><i>We're just pickey!</I><p>I agree on comfort - go sit in one before you plunk down $'s. That's what led us away from the sports seats to the regular. <p>

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