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Fred Meloan
03-17-1998, 08:41 PM
I always dislike revealing my ignorance but I came across a situation today that baffles me. I had to opportunity to see a new Imola Red M roadster today at Heishman BMW in Arlington, Virginia. Much to my surprise the VIN number was:<br> WBSCK9332WLC85210. I have always been of the belief that a VIN starting with "W" indicated a car made only in (West) Germany. I know the car was built in Spartanburg as it was built on March 9 and the factory code "L" is in the VIN. <p>Can anyone explain what is happening here? <p>BTW, the "WBS" in the VIN stands for "Motorsport GMBH, Munich. Have we been invaded?<p>FYI, this vehicle was equipped with a code 015 "Depowered Airbag". Do you think this means our 3 spoke steering wheel is not too far away?<p>Fred Meloan<br>BMW CCA 86321 NCC<br>1997 E36/7 Z3 1.9 Atlanta Blue, Beige, Beige<br>Maryland tag "Z3" <p><br>

03-17-1998, 09:39 PM
according to the BMW digest FAQ on decoding VINs (it is old so i may have to "improvise")<p>(rewriting VIN) WBSCK9332WLC85210<p>WBS- DOES stand for BMW M Gmbh<br>CK93- is the model code<br>3- is the airbag/SRS code...3 maybe means manual belts w/dual (depowered??) SRS<br>2- check digit<br>W- 1998 (i don't think "U" is used in VINs???? not sure)<br>L- is Spartanburg<br>C85210- serial number (always 6 digits)<p>the things i am not sure of is the SRS code and the year (the rest i am sure of)<p>Bruce

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