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03-18-1998, 12:22 PM
Two MZ3s arrived yesterday, one cosmos black/red/black/black, the other silver/black/black.<br>The black one looks incredible, the silver is OK (just my preference). Both had the air bag cutoff "blanks". Both were pre-sold. Wheels look pretty good.<p>The red/black interior looks good, but the red part is a little "pale" for my taste, borders on a pink. Might not go as well with Imola red exterior as I would have thought.<p>They started one up for me, in the middle of the parking lot. In my opinion, it still sounds kind of "weak", at least at idle and when "blipped". It looks like BMW is still kind of conservative when it comes to exhaust sounds.<p>My Blue * 3 is still at least a month away.<p><br>Gary<br>

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