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yukon dave
03-20-1998, 10:22 PM
It turns out BMW is leading a new trend to compete with run flat. It is more than a rumor that the new M Roadster is the first to be equiped with the new rims that work like run flat tires. They designed the rim for two purposes, one was so that the tire does not separate from the rim in the case of a blow out, that is why the rim is wider at 9 inches in the rear instead of the traditional 8.5 that is found on the M cars. The second modification they made is to have high point at the center of the rim that is as high as the edge of the rim. this allows the tire to run at moderate speeds when the tire goes flat without the need for special run flat tires. they feel that it will not be much of a problem because if you hit a bump or pot hole because the edge of the rim is just as low to the ground, if anything it will reduce damage to the rim. combine with a stiff side wall found on the low profile tires from michilin and dunlop they feel that it will let you drive on a flat.<p>

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