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03-21-1998, 02:28 AM
What's the best price to pay for a new 98 Z.3 2.8L or 1.9L in So. California?<p>Any decent straightforward dealers in San Diego?<p>Thanks

Darren W
03-21-1998, 12:15 PM
Don't pay more than $1500 over invoice on a 2.8 or $1000 over on a 1.9 (check invoices at Call Ray at Nick Alexander BMW in LA (1-800-800-NICK). They have a lousy service reputation but great prices and, right now, a huge inventory of Z3s.<p>Do it now, though, price going up with the temperature.<p>-Darren<p><br><i>: What's the best price to pay for a new 98 Z.3 2.8L or 1.9L in So. California?<p>: Any decent straightforward dealers in San Diego?<p>: Thanks<p></i>

03-21-1998, 02:21 PM
Tried to e-mail you this rather long response, but the address kicked back.<p>When looking for mine, I went to Brecht (Escondido), BMW of San Diego, and <br>Cunningham. I also was looking at getting one through my credit union (San <br>Diego County CU) which locates using AutoLand (I think that was the name).<p><b>Brecht</b> - Admittedly I did not get very far in talking pricing. I went there <br>first (more on a whim) and was not ready to buy at that time. The salesman <br>was nice enough (for a pushy New Yorker), but was a typical salesman (I had <br>to buy a car that day, "what do I have to do..." type lines). We went on a <br>test drive (I recommend going here for the test may not get <br>the freeway test, but the back roads route in Escondido is fun), and then <br>we started talking as to how I was going to buy the car that day. They <br>actually had a car with the colors that I wanted, and I just about did buy <br>one...but decided I needed to wait for what I wanted in a car, and didn't <br>really know that yet. I went in there not looking like I could buy a Bimmer <br>(jeans and t-shirt, driving in with my dirty Toyota truck w/campershell), <br>and I think he got that impression (I actually had the buckage to pay cash <br>for the damn thing little did he know). We talked for about 1/2 hour about <br>financing and how leasing was my best way to go (I had told him I was going <br>to buy it), then when he determined that I was either no worthy, or could <br>not afford a Bimmer, he laid a tale of how he had kicked someone out of the <br>dealership for just wasting his time...he then basically did it to me. I <br>must say that it was the first time I had, or had heard of, anyone be <br>"excused" from a car dealership. He called me a number of times with "hot" <br>deals, but I never talked to him again. He did give me an initial price for <br>the car I was looking at 2.8, DrkGrn (spec paint), 17", Prem package, OBC, <br>and perhaps sport seats - $38400 not a bad starting price.<p><b>Cunningham</b> - After a 5 minute talk with a salesman that knew way too little <br>about the Z3, and a walk around the lot to see if they had the car I had <br>just told them I would probably have to order ('cus I didn't want the power <br>top), we sat down to talk price. MSRP! I told him it was ridiculous and <br>that I could get much better pricing elsewhere. That got him started into <br>the "I have to feed my family and the business has to make its few cents" <br>type lecture...and I left before its conclusion.<p><b>BMW of San Diego</b> - Ended up getting my car here. My salesman is nice <br>enough, but I always get the feeling from him that he has other things to <br>do when I call with a question. It never goes so far as he being rude and <br>always gets back to me, but not right away...perhaps a different salesman <br>would be better. They were pretty firm at 2K over invoice...and have run <br>him through the wringer for the money (asking lot of questions, reordered <br>my car once, etc). BMW of SD sells more cars that anyone other dealer, and <br>they have a good service dept from what I hear (I don't have my car yet, so <br>I don't have first hand knowledge of this yet). All in all, a very good car <br>buying experience. They were not pushy at all, and were very willing to <br>work with me...just at their pace.<p><b>AutoLand</b> - The credit union I go through offers this service free. If you <br>are looking at getting a car off the lot (i.e., taking one that may have <br>less or more options than you may ideal want), this may be the way to go. <br>They locate throughout So. Cal and can get cars from the LA area. In <br>addition to the fact that I wanted a special order car to eliminate the <br>power top (I don't think they do orders), I decided that I wanted a local <br>dealer because of the service.<p><b>Conclusion</b> - If I had it to do over again, I think I would talk to both <br>Brecht (different salesman) and BMW of SD. If there were 2 that were <br>comparable, these would be them. None of the dealers seemed too <br>knowledgeable about the Z3 (and I had just found the message board shortly <br>before I bought). My big thing was the power top and if it could be <br>manually disabled to turn it into a manual top. No one could answer this <br>question. I would also look at AutoLand or one of the other locators if you <br>don't mind getting one in dealer stock and potentially having to go to a <br>different dealer for service (which presents its own problems).<p>Feel free to e-mail me if you have other questions.<p><br><i>: What's the best price to pay for a new 98 Z.3 2.8L or 1.9L in So. California?<p>: Any decent straightforward dealers in San Diego?<p>: Thanks<p></i>

Randy C.
03-22-1998, 01:08 PM
<i>: What's the best price to pay for a new 98 Z.3 2.8L or 1.9L in So. California?<p>: Any decent straightforward dealers in San Diego?<p>: Thanks<p></i>

03-22-1998, 11:15 PM
Recently considered Z3 vs 328 at VASEK POLAK BMW in hermosa Beach. Dealt with Jerry Bendl. I've bought a helluva lot of cars, and this guy was absolutely wonderful. As for the 2.8, I'm sure he's dying to deal, as he has a bunch of M roadsters coming in over the next few months.<br>I don't have the number with me right now, but if you're really interested in going in, email me and I'll forward ti to you.<br>I'd even be prepared to call ahead for you before you contact him if you wish.<br>GOOD LUCK!<br>Zelig

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