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Steve B.
03-21-1998, 09:45 PM
At least not yet!! As much as would love to own an MZ3 right here and now, I absolutely refuse to pay full MSRP. I will not accept taking such a massive financial hit once I drive it off the dealer's lot. Maybe, just maybe, if the M had some radical new styling that set it world's apart from the other Z3s of the world, but it doesn't. I have a close friend for over 30 years nearing retirement who is a design engineer at one of the "big three". He tells me that ALL the car companies domestic and foreign are already working in very tight top secret on "blockbuster" designs for the year 2000. The "millenium change" he called it. Too bad that's still a year and a half away!! But still something to think about!

03-21-1998, 10:34 PM
MSRP? Here in DC, Mercedes SLK, ML320 and the Boxster are selling for $10K OVER MSRP. Who knows what dealers will try to do to the M Roadster...<br>

03-23-1998, 01:52 AM
<br>Could your friend possibly refer to Plymouth<br>Pronto Spyder ?

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