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Matt F.
03-23-1998, 12:37 PM
Looks like it was a rough weekend. Judging from the tone on the board, the winter grayness has gotten to a lot of people. How about we all just calm down and think about that first Top-less drive. That hopefully should set everyone in a good mood. If not than maybe Alan could set up a "Flame board" in addition to the "Test Board" :-)<p>Ok, Ok, I'll get to the point<p>On Saturday morning I woke up to a beautiful crisp morning. Chilly but no clouds, time for the first Top-Less adventure! Chris and I proceeded put on our warm coats and hit the road. I can only say it was religious. Something I will never forget...<p>Now for the Facts:<p><B>Initial Problems:</B><br>The Drivers side window does not go down all the way. Additionally the rubber seal on the base of the top where it meets the drivers side window do not seal correctly. I have an appointment on Wednesday with the Dealer. They assured me (with much apologies, no arrogance) that the problems will be fixed. We will see on Wednesday. Maybe I can get an M-Roadster as a loaner :-)<p><B>Paint job:</B><br>No chips yet (Now I'm jinxed) but I really have to admit that the Montreal Blue paint does have a lot of orange peel. Silver and White seem ok but the green metallic looked just as bad. <p>Oh well, if that's the price I have to pay for environmentally friendly pain then it's worth it! (Of course the color is still <br>awesome!)<p><B>Radio:</B><br>I think BMW has listened to all the ranting here and elsewhere. I firmly believe my non HK system sounds vastly better than the non HK system in the 97 2.8 that I test drove. I think BMW has started using higher quality speakers and a better amp. There is a good deep distortion free bass at a moderaty loud volume and the volume reaches a very uncomfortable level before the distortion sets in really bad. (My test music is Zombie by the Cranberries) I haven't <I>notice</I> the speed sensitive volume working which means it's working perfectly!. <p><B>Suspension :</B><br>I ordered the car with the BMW M-Tech Suspension and it's the best $300 I've spent on the car. Combined with the 17" wheels I would objectively judge it as perfect for my driving style. It is option number 704 and I don't know of a single reason why you can't order it in USA. Bug you dealer to death! Its worth it.<p><B>Motor:</B><br>Chris gets into the car to drive for the first time... She is used to driving Mazda 323... After I remind her not to give more that 3/4 gas and not to rev over 4000 she drives away... After forcing me into the seatback while driving away in first gear she smiles from ear to ear and says "That was only 1/2 gas to 3500..."<p>Yea Ha! I cant wait till 2000KM!<p><B>Exhaust:</B><br>The exhaust sound is great. Pipes? dont need 'em! The sound is great. It's nice and deap with the "booming" disapearing at around 3000RPM providing autobahn cruising comfort. It really makes you want to downshift just so have an excuse to "Blip" the throttle. <p><B>Sex appeal:</B><br>Definitely there, No complaints (Even caught a couple of P-car drivers lookin')<p>Pictures will be coming soon... I promise.<p><TABLE><TR><TD><CENTER><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="5" COLOR="#4F95FD">B</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="5" COLOR="#490587">M</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="5" COLOR="#FF0000">W</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="5"> Z3!</FONT></CENTER></TD></TR><TR><TD><B><A HREF=""><IMAGE SRC="" ALIGN="left" BORDER=0 ALT="The Roadster Lifestyle, Live It!"></A></TD></TR><TR><TD><CENTER><B>...any questions?</B></CENTER></TD></TR></TABLE><br><BR CLEAR="all">

John C
03-23-1998, 01:50 PM
<p>: <B>Paint job:</B><br>: No chips yet (Now I'm jinxed) but I really have to admit that the Montreal Blue paint does have a lot of orange peel. Silver and White seem ok but the green metallic looked just as bad. <p>My 97 2.8 Boston Green also has a lot orange peel,<br>especialy on the downside or the trunk. I guess that's just the way it supposed to be. Still, all in all I think it looks very rich.

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