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03-23-1998, 04:33 PM
Does anyone know where I can purchase customized europlates for the Z3. I own a euro-spec Z3 1.9 (I live on a Dutch/French island) I'd rather have custom plates ("Z Roadster" or Z3) than nothing on the front plate-holder or US-sized custom plates.<p>Any ideas?

03-23-1998, 05:14 PM

03-23-1998, 08:49 PM
Order a front plate bracket from Quality (about US$14) and order a Euro-plate from <A HREF="">Eurosport Daytona (click here)</A>. They sell German and English plates. <p>German plates are metal, English plates are acrylic. I like the "Look" of the English plates, but when you bend them in the middle, they tend to "separate" a little, I solved this by putting foam tape behind at the nose to smooth out the curve. No such problems with the German plates - they simply bend.<p>Which Dutch/French Island are you from? St/Sint Martin comes to mind! Just wondering - do the Euro spec Z's come with American 9004/9005 lights or H's?<p>- rich<p><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" ALT="Black Manx" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=150 WIDTH=150 ALIGN=LEFT> </A></FONT><BR CLEAR=ALL><BR><P><BR><P><BR><P><BR><P><BR><P><BR><P><BR><P>

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