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Anthony [99 Z3 Coupe 2.8]
03-30-1999, 12:10 PM
REPOSTED FROM Z3 MESSAGE BOARD (there are other responses there):<p>This message was cross posted from<p>Hey guys (and gal coupe owners if any are out there),<p>I have been playing over in my mind setting up a Coupe web site. I've<br>been thinking about makeing it in the form of a quarterly (or even<br>biannual) e-zine, very graphic intensive, with articles, photo's and<br>such.<p>I'm looking for people who would like to participate in this just for<br>fun project with me, that would be a good contribution. There are not<br>many really good sites out yet there yet for the Coupe.<p>I've got the servers and connection and all that stuff, plus technical<br>knowledge. I would need graphics oriented people, photographic people,<br>and people to write articles (i.e. suspension upgrades, installing a<br>stereo, coupe care, etc.). Also HTML authors would be plus too. And of<br>course we would need to take some road trips to take photo's of our<br>coupe's in scenic locations such as twisty mountain roads and such.<p>I even thought of a cool name (I think it's cool), get ready for this,<br>how about: <p>"Coupe Dreams"<p>Huh? Yea? Kind of rhymes with the movie "Hoop Dreams" except if your<br>not an american. The rest of the world apparently pronounces Coupe as<br>(Koo-Pay) as in rhyming with Toupee. Cool, okay perhaps it's cheesy, I<br>like it, but if anyone else participates we'll make the decisions<br>together.<p>My vision is to be extremely visually appealing (Our graphics person<br>will have to be on psychedelic drugs). A fun place to pick up a few<br>hints and check out some awesome photo's of Coupes.<p>Even if you don't want to participate let me know if you would find such<br>a site interesting. If you don't own a coupe you'd still be welcome to<br>participate. If you don't own a coupe, don't want to participate, but<br>would still find it interesting let me know. If you don't own a coupe,<br>don't want to participate, and don't care, well then go to hell, but you<br>can still let me know what you think. :)<p>-Anthony<br>BMWCCA Member, Peachtree Chapter<br>99 BMW Z3 Coupe 2.8<br>ex 96 BMW Z3 Roadster 1.9

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